Signal Technology Research and Development

STRAD's primary technical focus is the development of signal processing technology for surveillance and sensing applications. Our approach emphasizes the coupling of physical models, e.g. from electromagnetics or acoustics, with novel statistical signal processing methods to solve challenging real-world sensing problems. Our goal is to take ideas from their inception, mathematical analysis and computer simulation through to rapid prototyping and verification testing. Current STRAD radar projects concern problems in clutter mitigation, target height-finding, tracking, and geo-location. In the sonar area, we are engaged in the development of non-traditional approaches for submarine surveillance.

STRAD's research and development activities have been performed in collaboration with:
  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Raytheon Applied Signal Technology
  • Northwest Research Associates
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Duke University


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